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Groundwater Contamination: Transport and Remediation (2nd Edition)

by Philip B. Bedient (Author), Handi S. Rifai (Author), Charles J. Newell (Author)

Paperback: 604 Pages - ISBN-10: 0130138401 - ISBN-13 : 978-0130138408

Published by Prentice Hall PTR; 2nd Edition (September 18, 1999)

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This book is a thorough update to the leading book on ground water contamination and remediation for scientists and engineers. Written from both a theoretical and practical viewpoint, this edition focuses on the critical new challenges facing professionals seeking to prevent, mitigate, or remediate ground water problems — especially today’s highly-complex transport problems.
Detailed new coverage includes full chapters on sorption, biodegradation, and natural attenuation processes; extensive new coverage of risk assessment; and the results of major field studies on several military and Superfund sites. The book reflects increased concern about source zone areas with nonaqueous phase liquids (NAPLs -written by Dr. Charles Newell of GSI), residual oils, vapors in the unsaturated zone, gasoline spills which float on the water table, and chlorinated solvent spills which sink to the bottom of aquifers. Coverage includes:
The new edition includes access to programs and worksheets for Microsoft Excel via the World Wide Web, and contains an extensive set of revised homework problems and solutions for topics such as ground water flow, well mechanics, and contaminant transport. Ground Water Contamination, Second Edition is an essential resource for all hydrogeologists, civil and environmental consulting engineers, and other professionals concerned with ground water contamination and remediation. It is ideally designed for use in the college classroom.

Natural Attenuation of Fuels and Chlorinated Solvents in the Subsurface

by Todd H. Widemeier (Author), Handi S. Rifai (Author), John T. Wilson (Author), Charles Newell (Author)

Hardcover: 632 Pages - ISBN-10: 0471197491 - ISBN-13 : 978-0471197492

Published by Wiley (March 8, 1999)

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The first comprehensive guide to one of today’s most innovative approaches to environmental contamination.

Natural Attenuation is gaining increasing attention as a nonintrusive, cost-effective alternative to standard remediation techniques for environmental contamination. This landmark work presents the first in-depth examination of the theory, mechanisms, and application of natural attenuation.

Written by four internationally recognised leaders in this approach, the book describes both biotic and abiotic natural attenuation processes, focusing on two of the environmental contaminants most frequently encountered in groundwater – fuels and chlorinated solvents.

The authors draw on a wealth of combined experience to detail successful techniques for simulating natural attenuation processes and predicting their effectiveness in teh field. They also show how natural attenuation works in the real world, using numerous examples and case studies from a wide range of leading-edge projects nationwide involving fuel hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. Finally, they discuss the evaluation and assessment of natural attenuation and explore the design of long-term monitoring programs.

An indispensable reference for anyone working in environmental remediation, this book is essential reading for scientists and engineers in a range of industries, as well as state and federal environmental regulators, and professors and graduate students in environmental or chemical engineering.