Mr. Stanley is a Principal with GSI Environmental Inc. and has more than 40 years of experience as a hydrogeologist. Prior to joining GSI, Mr. Stanley was the Global Discipline Leader for Soil and Groundwater during his 37-year tenure at Shell. Curt became Shell’s first Hydrogeologist in 1982 and was the technical focal point for MTBE litigation and helped to lead Shell’s program related to PFAS. He has conducted and directed site assessments and remediation projects at hundreds of facilities in the US and across the world from upstream assets to retail sites including: pipelines, refineries, terminals, chemical plants, aviation facilities, Ag Chem facilities, waste sites, service stations, oil sands mines, pumping stations, well sites, and a nuclear facility.
He also provided leadership and support in risk assessment, regulatory advocacy, litigation/arbitration matters, due diligence, water resources, training, R&D, and development of various corporate environmental programs. Curt chaired API’s Soil and Groundwater Technical Group (conducted > 250 R&D projects) from 1997 - 2016.
Mr. Stanley was a principal author of the ASTM Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) standards (as well as other standards) and helped develop and lead the ASTM/USEPA/Industry Partnership in RBCA Implementation (PIRI) program. Mr. Stanley was also a board member for the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF). He has authored numerous technical publications and presentations at many conferences on a wide range of topics including, site assessment, petroleum/chemical fate and transport, LNAPL migration, risk-based corrective action, sustainable remediation, emerging chemicals of concern, remediation technologies, water resources, brownfields, and environmental management, and has also been an invited speaker at many international conferences in Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and Asia. Finally, Curt developed the Animated Information System for Groundwater Assessment and Remediation which is used for training across the world.