Mr. Stolcenberg is a Senior Engineer with approximately 15 years of consulting experience involving environmental site investigations, feasibility studies, risk assessments, and site remediation activities. He has managed OMM and engineering projects at sites ranging former rocket testing facilities to active manufacturing complexes. He has worked closely with local stakeholders and state agencies such as the Regional Water Quality Control Boards and Department of Toxic Substances Control. He has obtained and managed NPDES, POTW, and Waste Discharge Permits for multiple facilities. He has developed and managed site cleanup strategies and implementation for contaminated sites addressing human health and environmental risks related to contaminated soil and groundwater involving chlorinated VOCs, 1,4-dioxane, petroleum hydrocarbons, LNAPL, heavy metals, perchlorate, and PFAS.
He has produced and managed remedial system designs utilizing technologies that include soil vapor extraction, dual phase extraction, groundwater extraction, advance oxidation process, RO, IX resin, and GAC filtration, as well as air and ozone sparging, and excavation. He has guided the remedial activity process from the design stage through construction kickoff, producing RFPs, negotiating with stakeholders, and establishing required contracts. Additionally, he’s managed the onsite construction, commissioning, and operation of numerous remediation systems throughout California.
Mr. Stolcenberg has used his diverse experience to help clients identify, manage, and track costs related to implementation of the full CERCLA cleanup process, generating the cost estimates required to address each step of the regulatory framework and proving essential information needed for long-term planning and management purposes.