Dr. Javed joins GSI Environmental, Inc. (GSI) as an Environmental Scientist recently graduated from Rice University with a doctoral degree in chemistry. He has over 8 years of research experience and has conducted most of his research as part of multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary teams solving complex environmental remediation problems. During his Ph.D., Dr. Javed worked on a broad range of projects, including crude oil contaminated soil remediation, assessment of a novel ultra-high surface area activated carbon sorbent for water treatment and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for removal of endocrine disrupting chemicals with particular focus on heterogeneous photocatalysis. Dr. Javed also conducted mechanistic studies to resolve ambiguity regarding the role of key reactive species in treatment of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS).
Dr. Javed has built strong leadership skills by his involvement as Teachers Assistant for multiple chemistry and chemistry laboratory classes in which he was awarded the Harry B. Weiser Teaching Award in recognition of student teaching excellence, as well as being involved in student leadership programs where he served as Vice President at the Rice University Chapter-American Water Works Associations, President and Treasurer of the Rice Pakistani Student Association, as well as Vice President of NEWT Student Leadership Council. Dr. Javed is a firm believer in hypothesis- and data-driven approach to problem solving and currently provides technical support on a diverse range of national and international projects with focus on site characterization and remediation, environmental chemistry, translational research, and litigation.