Jake Perry is an Environmental Engineer at GSI Environmental Inc. (GSI) with more than seven years of experience in hydrogeologic field investigations and data analysis, conceptual site model development, and numerical model development and application. His project experience includes water resources management, site investigation and remediation, mining, geotechnical support, and litigation support. He has extensive experience managing and analyzing data using ArcGIS, MS Access, and Visual Basic. Mr. Perry has developed groundwater and groundwater/surface water numerical models using MODFLOW and related codes (including MODFLOW-OWHM, MODFLOW-USG, and MODFLOW-SURFACT), MT3DMS, MODPATH, Groundwater Vistas, and PEST to assess water management alternatives, remediation alternatives, injection zones, capture zones, contaminant release scenarios, dewatering alternatives, fate and transport of contaminants, and groundwater/surface water interactions. He is an Engineer in Training in California and received a M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.