Julian is an Environmental Geologist with approximately six years of consulting experience in soil, soil vapor, surface water, and groundwater investigation, monitoring and remediation-related projects. Julian has several years of project management experience managing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase II Subsurface Investigations, underground storage tank (UST) removals/excavations, and remediation sites enrolled into state-specific cleanup programs. He has worked on projects throughout various states across the nation and has also done international work in Mexico and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. He has developed, coordinated and scheduled as well as provided field oversight of soil, soil vapor, and groundwater investigation and remediation projects that include and are not limited to quarterly/semi-annual sampling events, excavations, and well installations and/or abandonments. He has developed, reviewed, and/or written several documents and reports including proposals, work plans, soil management plans, groundwater monitoring, Phase I ESAs, Phase II Subsurface Investigations, remedial action, and excavation completion. In addition to project management experience, Julian also has approximately one and a half years of general management experience as a co-manager of the environmental branch of a consulting firm based out of Orange County, CA.
Prior to joining the environmental industry, Julian earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Science from Northern Michigan University and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Geology from The University of Akron with a strong focus on paleolimnology/paleoclimateology. His thesis research examined both natural and anthropogenic environmental impacts on a lake-watershed system by collecting sediment cores from a kettle lake in northeast Ohio and analyzing the cores by measuring physical properties (including enviromagnetics as a proxy), heavy metal concentrations, carbon to nitrogen ratios, grain size, and mineralogical content through X-ray and scanning electron microscopy. A few years after joining the environmental industry, Julian earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi as he continued to work full time as an environmental consultant.