Kurt has over 17 years of experience as a practicing hydrogeologist and environmental consultant focused on using applied quantitative hydrogeology to solve client problems in water quantity and quality. He develops hydrogeologic models for water resources management, environmental remediation, and mine permitting and operations. Kurt specializes in using GIS and developing codes to improve model simulations and facilitate efficient and automated processing of data including model input and output data. Kurt focuses on assessing potential groundwater and surface water quantity and quality impacts from municipal, industrial, and agricultural activities. His experience includes multiple projects involving evaluating and optimizing aquifer level and streamflow changes because of groundwater extraction and using municipal supply wells for both remediation and continued municipal supply after treatment. Kurt has extensive experience adapting and improving existing models to meet new objectives or answer additional questions. Kurt has developed groundwater and groundwater/surface water flow using numerous versions of USGS MODFLOW as well as MODFLOW-SURFACT, MODHMS, GFLOW, and FEFLOW. He has developed groundwater transport and particle tracking models using multiple versions of MT3D, USG-Transport, MODPATH, mod-PATH3DU, and FEFLOW, including authoring a particle tracking algorithm for FEFLOW. Kurt reviewed and contributed to the updated (2015) second edition of the leading modern groundwater modeling textbook, "Applied Groundwater Modeling" by Anderson, Woessner, and Hunt.