Ms. Jeon is a Senior Engineer with GSI Environmental Inc. She received two Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering and Geosciences from Texas Tech University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Kyungpook National University. She is a Professional Engineer, a Professional Geologist, and a Certified Environmental Manager. Her areas of specialty include project management of large-scale projects, groundwater hydrology; soil, groundwater, and surface water investigations; feasibility studies; corrective action plans, remedial system design, operation and maintenance, and developing cost estimates. Her project experience includes water districts, ordnance manufacturing facilities, landfills, petroleum dispensing stations, chemical manufacturing plants, and transportation facilities. She has experience with numerous environmental contaminants including PFAS, perchlorate, chlorinated solvents, hexavalent chromium, 1,4-dioxane, petroleum hydrocarbons, and agricultural chemicals. Remedial actions that she has implemented include groundwater extraction and treatment, in-situ bioremediation, in-situ chemical oxidation, soil vapor extraction system, excavation for off-site disposal or ex-situ treatment, and monitored natural attenuation. She has conducted forensic analyses related to the sources of groundwater contamination in a number of litigation support projects.