Mr. Wang is a licensed Professional Engineer (License No. 146792) currently employed at GSI Environmental Inc. With over five years of experience as an environmental consultant, he has demonstrated expertise in various areas of environmental consulting.
Throughout his career, Mr. Wang has been involved in a diverse range of projects, including but not limited to environmental permitting, due diligence assessments, site investigations, chemical fate and transport analysis, remediation projects, and litigation support. His knowledge and proficiency have proven instrumental in tackling complex challenges in these fields.
Mr. Wang's project portfolio encompasses a wide array of specialized tasks, such as air permitting, RCRA hazardous waste permitting, brownfield redevelopment, Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, as well as vapor intrusion investigation and mitigation system design. Additionally, he has been actively engaged in providing litigation support concerning emerging contaminants like 1,4-dioxane and PFAS. Mr. Wang has also established himself as an expert in data analysis and visualization, contributing significantly to the understanding and effective communication of complex environmental data.