Mr. Bowers is a Senior Associate Environmental Engineer with 28 years of experience dealing with a broad range of environmental issues and chemical contaminants in soil, water, and air. He holds an M.S. in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Rice University. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer of the American Academy of Environmental Engineering.
Mr. Bowers specializes in environmental site investigation, contaminant fate and transport modeling, water resources and air emissions evaluations, environmental sustainability analysis, human health risk assessment, and risk-based corrective action (RBCA). Since 2002, he has directed and coordinated a wide variety of complex, multifaceted, and time-sensitive environmental field investigations, scientific research studies, software development projects, and litigation support tasks. He has provided key technical, managerial, and logistical support for many environmental litigation cases, including the coordination and supervision of related field investigations, technical research, and engineering analyses and assisting testifying experts in the preparation of reports and for depositions, hearings, and trials. Since 2016, Mr. Bowers has served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator for several large federal and state-sponsored research projects to characterize and quantify fugitive methane and other emissions from a variety of upstream and mid-stream oil gas infrastructure.
Early in his career, Mr. Bowers was the lead technical developer of GSI’s flagship software product, the RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases. Since 1999, he has overseen the numerous updates and region-specific customizations of the RBCA Tool Kit, developed days’ worth of related training materials and delivered over 600 hours of risk assessment training to more than 1500 course attendees.