Risk Assessment


GSI has a multidisciplinary team of scientists with strong skills and a great deal of experience estimating human exposure and risk to chemicals in air, water, soil, as well as consumer products and food. We also provide expert consulting and testifying services for tort, cost-recovery, and other litigation associated with human health toxicology and risk assessment.


GSI offers experience in ecological risk assessments, including screening-level assessments, biota sampling and data analysis, and full baseline ecological risk assessments. GSI scientists also have extensive experience evaluating risks to aquatic and terrestrial receptors exposed to chemicals via contact with environmental media and transfer through the food web.

Risk Assessment

Many of our risk assessments are performed in accordance with various Federal and State regulatory programs (e.g., Superfund, RCRA, TRRP, and other State specific programs). Some are performed to help evaluate and manage liability (e.g., redevelopment, real estate transactions), to help derive remedial action objectives, and to support risk communication. Our risk assessment teams have experience with the development and execution of sampling and analysis plans, knowledge of regulatory guidance and requirements, database development and management, and data analysis and visualization. Our turnkey customized risk assessment software provides a streamlined process that expedites risk calculations and QA/QC of complex assessments involving numerous receptor populations, exposure units, and chemicals of concern.

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