Dr. Beckerman is a Senior Scientist with GSI. He has more than 15 years of consulting experience in the fields of environmental health exposure reconstruction, environmental epidemiology, risk assessment, (bio) statistical analysis, and geospatial analysis. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.
He has worked on a wide variety of projects for clients in industry, government, and academia. Recently, he has worked on hazard identification, exposure reconstruction, and risk assessment projects. These projects included work on exposure simulations and exposure reconstructions within the framework of California’s Proposition 65 for occupational and consumer exposures; assessing hazards associated with the reuse of oil and gas produced water for agricultural irrigation; assessing the immediate and lasting impact of the Aliso Canyon natural gas disaster; identifying hazardous by-products of wildfire smoke; and modeling exposures from a possible containment failure of waste streams in a computer parts manufacturing facility. He has also conducted special studies for clients where he used a simulation study to understand how confounding and statistical model assumptions affect parameter estimates in epidemiologic studies of mortality; and used cancer surveillance data to determine whether the rate of breast cancer in an occupational group was higher than would be expected in the general population.
He has a special interest in using machine learning techniques to understand and predict complex/multivariable problems, where he has used these techniques to: identify factors that most affected medical costs using Medicaid data; identify groups of remnant air contaminants attributable to a natural gas leak; identify source locations ascribable to continuous air quality measurements taken near an oil/gas facility; and estimate an exposure-response curve for particulate matter exposure and ischemic heart disease mortality. Dr. Beckerman has authored or co-authored more than 30 peer reviewed articles and government reports. He has also sat on an expert panel that reviewed planned air quality and health surveillance near an aluminum smelter in Canada.