Dr. Sackmann is a Senior Aquatic Scientist with more than 13 years of experience applying quantitative analysis to investigate environmental systems, with specific expertise in marine ecology, satellite remote sensing and ocean optics, computer vision/pattern (CVPR) recognition, aquatic plant and algal physiology, and ecological modelling. As a leader in GSI’s Aquatic Sciences practice, he focuses on leveraging and developing tools and techniques to bring together large and complex environmental data sets and facilitate investigations across a wide range of time and space scales. He relies on data-driven insights to understand underlying processes and support strategic and scientifically based decision making.
Dr. Sackmann earned a Ph.D. in Oceanography (with a graduate certification in GIS) from the University of Maine, and a B.S. in Oceanography (with a minor in Applied Mathematics) from the University of Washington. His diverse client portfolio includes projects in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia across a variety of sectors including chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, and renewable energy. He has a high proficiency in a range of quantitative methods including multivariate and geostatistical analysis, GIS, mathematical modelling, deep learning, and scientific data programming and visualization.