RCRA Hazardous And Solid Waste Permitting


GSI has extensive experience with RCRA hazardous waste permitting for a variety of chemical manufacturing and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

GSI has completed numerous RCRA hazardous waste permits, compliance plans, permit modifications, and permit renewal applications for a variety of chemical manufacturing facilities and treatment, disposal, and storage facilities (TSDFs) in Texas, Alabama,  California, and Hawali. This work has included permitting landfills, tanks, container storage areas (CSAs), surface impoundments, BIFs, and post-closure care hazardous waste units. GSI has worked closely with facility personnel to develop the various portions of their permit applications, including site setting criteria, contingency, personnel training, and emergency facility plans, compliance plans, engineering reports and certification, and development of closure and post-closure cost estimates.

GSI has an excellent understanding of the state and federal permitting requirements, and we have built good working relationships with regulators to facilitate the permitting process. GSI brings strong technical and regulatory knowledge that establishes credibility with the regulatory agencies and allows for productive discussions regarding our client’s best interests. GSI is familiar with the permitting modification and renewal process and all the requirements to submit complete documents that minimize or eliminate notices of incompleteness of deficiencies from the regulatory agency. Additionally, GSI has experience in completing application documents that give our clients flexibility with their operating requirements, to limit future modifications when processes or facilities change.

Finally, GSI has Professional Engineers on staff who can seal Engineering Reports and certify the installation, modification, and/or closure of hazardous and non-hazardous (40 CFR 265) waste units.

GSI has assisted clients with:


Hazardous Waste Permit Renewal Application

Commercial TSD Facility, Harris County, Texas

GSI prepared a RCRA hazardous waste permit renewal application for a commercial treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF), which included major revisions to and simplification of the facility’s personnel training, security, contingency, emergency response, and waste analysis plans. GSI prepared engineering reports for individual hazardous waste tanks and container storage areas in accordance with federal regulations, including analysis and review of historical design information and drawings, construction and certification reports, and maintenance records. We also prepared detailed closure costs, geology reports, and facility siting documentation to meet regulatory requirements.

Hazardous Waste Permit Renewal Application

Petrochemical Manufacturing Facility, Texas

GSI prepared the original permit application and two subsequent permit renewal applications for a petrochemical manufacturing facility. This included preparation of and revisions to the waste analysis plan and integrated contingency plan, as well as engineering reports for industrial boilers, container storage areas, tanks, surface impoundments, landfills, and miscellaneous units. GSI also prepared detailed geology and facility siting reports  and prepared detailed closure and post-closure cost estimates and a Compliance Plan. Additionally, GSI has implemented and managed the groundwater monitoring programs associated with post-closure, detection, and compliance monitoring.

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