Mr. McGuire is a Vice President and Principal Engineer with GSI Environmental Inc. Since joining GSI in 2002, he has he has provided consulting expertise on a broad range of projects including environmental due diligence, site investigation, risk assessment, chemical fate and transport, remediation, cost allocation, property redevelopment, vapor intrusion, and litigation matters. His project experience has included evaluation, design, and costing related to in‐situ and ex‐situ treatment of chlorinated solvents, metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and oilfield materials, investigation and treatment of non‐aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) source zones, innovative approaches to monitored natural attenuation (MNA), and chemical fate and transport modeling.
Mr. McGuire has designed and implemented remediation systems at sites located throughout the United States and internationally and he has successfully worked with environmental regulators at the local, state, and federal level. Mr. McGuire has authored or co‐authored numerous technical articles and guidance documents on topics including remediation performance and costs, natural attenuation of chlorinated solvents, and enhanced in‐situ bioremediation and serves as a technical reviewer for several leading environmental journals.
He was a co‐author of ASTM Guide E2435‐05 on the application of engineering controls for the redevelopment of chemical‐impacted properties. He has lectured several courses at Rice University on a variety of environmental engineering topics including site investigation and the design and implementation of soil vapor extraction systems.