Real Estate


GSI works with private and public-sector clients to navigate all stages of property acquisition or divestiture, entitlement, development, and long-term stewardship. We understand our clients’ need to identify and quantify various environmental and regulatory uncertainties that may arise and affect a property’s transactional value and short and long-term project planning. GSI practitioners have the knowledge, experience, and resources to address these real estate concerns.
GSI works closely with our clients to understand environmental risks and provide innovative solutions to manage their associated impacts and costs associated with ownership, property use, and future property disposition. GSI with We develop strategies to enable cost-effective regulatory closure, and ultimately assists our clients reach their goals. We with Our staff have the engineering expertise to develop realistic cost estimates associated with environmental response and mitigation measures, and where possible, integrate mitigation approaches with redevelopment plans to optimize project economics and schedule. Our practitioners are skilled at balancing technical and regulatory requirements with budgetary constraints and risk management objectives, and work closely with local, state, and federal regulatory oversight agencies to obtain determinations of “No Further Action.”
We understand the time-sensitive nature of transactional and development projects, and that these projects can be derailed by uncertain and changing regulatory requirements, unforeseen conditions, and community concerns. GSI is positioned to minimize such project disruptions through our banked knowledge drawn from numerous sites, the relationships we have built with regional and local regulatory agencies, and our understanding of the communities in which we work. We engage with the various stakeholders throughout a project to facilitate property end-use objectives.