GSI has decades of experience providing full-service environmental capabilities to our industrial clients, from regulatory compliance to site investigation and remediation. Our multi-disciplinary team has extensive experience in permitting and compliance and can provide strategic guidance in the permitting process, including modifications or renewals to existing permits. GSI also has decades of experience conducting risk-based site investigations and remediation to address historical and new releases to a variety of environmental media using cost-effective strategies. All our experience is bolstered by having good working relationships with state and federal regulators to facilitate completion of projects. GSI is on the forefront of emerging contaminants and environmental technologies, and we use our extensive research and development experience to inform our industrial clients of upcoming challenges/risks and to provide sensible risk-based approaches to environmental issues.

Chemical and Manufacturing

GSI’s regulatory knowledge and experience helps our manufacturing and industrial clients develop cost- effective environmental strategies that reduce long-term environmental liability. GSI can provide environmental planning, permitting, compliance, data management, risk assessment, site investigation and remediation services for a variety of environmental media (soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, indoor air, etc.).