GSI has a long history of working across the world in helping our clients evaluate, manage, and restore groundwater resources.

GSI groundwater resources professionals provide consulting and engineering services in the United States and abroad to public and private clients facing important groundwater resources challenges. For over 35 years, projects have included improving the resilience and sustainability of local and regional water supplies, understanding, and planning for the risks associated with climate change, improving our understanding of the relationship between surface water and groundwater, and applying risk-based principles along with latest science, data analytics, and technology for aquifer assessment and restoration. 

Recent groundwater resources projects include:


As-Needed Water Resources Optimization and Decision Support Services

Tampa Bay Water, Clearwater, Florida

GSI leads a team of scientists, engineers and planners to enhance Tampa Bay Water’s optimization and decision support tools for integrated water resources planning and water supply system operation management. The water supply system consists of approximately 180 wells in 13 interconnected groundwater wellfields, 3 surface water extraction facilities along the Hillsborough River, treatment plants, a 50,000-acre-foot regional reservoir, a 44-million gallon per day desalination plant, and the water distribution network. The tools prioritize water production schedules and rotations that minimizes environmental impacts and seawater intrusion potential while meeting water demands as well as infrastructure and regulatory constraints. Optimization has resulted in wetland recovery.
The creative approaches adopted by the GSI-Tampa Bay Water team have been implemented to evaluate the vulnerability of their water supply system and to improve its resilience to meet their reliability and serviceability goals. The management decisions by Tampa Bay Water regarding capital improvements, infrastructure, and water supply system operation have been integrated into an overarching framework that allows the Agency to make better choices in the face of a changing climate.

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